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Coaching and Workshops

Most people have a fear of speaking in front of a crowd, or are unsure how to articulate

themselves during 1:2:1 interviews, including the best speakers in the world.  


Gain a competitive edge and be ready to make an impact at your next public speaking engagement.


Find Your Voice

Indidivual 1:2:1 60 minute sessions.  More businesses are moving on line due to COVID-19 and Effective Virtual Communication is essential. 


What you will take away: 

  • Confidence!  A growth mindset and the momentum needed to effectively plan your next presentation.

  • Tweaking your vocal toolbox to immediately improve pitch, tone and delivery.

  • Improving body language and eye contact to maximise your connection.

  • Building good listening habits and increasing your emotional intelligence.

  • Harnassing your story telling skills and radiating positivity.

  • Delivering your presentation with style, panache and charisma.

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Powerful Speaking

Full day workshop for between 6 – 10 people.    


Here's some things you'll learn: 


  • Getting your message across and connecting with your audience.

  • How to speak so EVERYONE wants to listen.

  • The secret to delivering powerful PowerPoint presentations.

  • How to rehearse and practice your presentation effectively.

  • How to amplify your voice.  

  • Effective body language

  • Handling tricky questions

  • Maintaining stage energy


School Interviews

Shine in your school interview and make an engaging impression.  We offer online tutoring to students around the world.  Individual 1:2:1 60 minutes sessions all from the comfort of your own home.    


What you will learn: 


  • A magical mindset to believe in your communication skills

  • Effective body language and eye contact through the lens of the camera

  • Making a strong first impression and also final impression

  • Speaking with confidence and enthusiasm

  • Being prepared for a range of questions and researching the school

  • Showcasing your talents and sharing these qualities in an engaging manner

  • Handling tricky questions

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Kate has also shown herself to be an innovative and dynamic presenter with the ability to cover several genres from social media to linear broadcast.

– Vicky Jones | Championship Director

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